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Behavior services at Beacon Veterinary Hospital are an integral part of the care that we offer for your pet. We focus on behavior wellness and problem prevention. We provide a behavior wellness assessment as part of your pet’s annual exam. We work with you proactively to address concerns about your pet’s behavior. We can help you choose a behavior advisor who can help you manage normal developmental behaviors (chewing, scratching, housetraining) or offer guidance for maintaining your pet’s behavioral health during times of stress or transition (new pet, new baby, move). They can consult with Dr. Guenther to develop a comprehensive modification plan for more severe behavior issues.

If you have adopted or acquired a new adult dog or cat, we can assist you in managing your pet’s successful transition into your home. Mature pets learn quickly with proper structure and guidance. Even senior pets can adapt well to a new environment when their behavioral needs are met.

If your new pet is a puppy or kitten, take advantage of  Puppy's W.I.N. or Cat's W.I.N. Both are important to a behavior wellness program just as puppy and kitten vaccinations are crucial to the physical health of your developing pets. Sadly, euthanasia for behavior problems is a leading cause of death for companion animals, so early socialization and training is critical to “vaccinate” puppies and kittens against becoming under-socialized, fearful, and possibly aggressive.

Animals learn throughout their lives, but there is a small window while they are young during which dogs and cats are most receptive to being introduced to new people, places and things. Pet Behavior Aid provides a controlled environment in which to create positive early socialization experiences for your pet. Your pet is taught basic foundation behaviors with gentle, non-aversive methods, and they can answer questions about normal puppy and kitten behavior during these sessions. 

What about Disease?

A puppy and kitten vaccination series is crucial to your pet’s well being, as is avoiding high-risk environments until your pet is fully vaccinated. But it is also problematic to keep your pet completely isolated during the critical socialization period. Beacon Veterinary Hospital adheres to recognized best practices to ensure that your puppy or kitten can safely attend socialization classes. All puppies and kittens attending class must have their first vaccination (DAP / FVRCP) and maintain a recommended vaccination schedule. Puppies or kittens showing any sign of internal or external parasites or respiratory infection should not attend class.  We are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for people and pets.

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